2015 Ronix Lines

2015 Ronix Lines
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Product Description

Liner 101

R & D for this season was heavily focused on the support structure of our boots. Density, location, perforation, and molded overlays have all been configured to generate specific flex and response characteristics of each model. The Brainframe boots are constructed in a way that the liner structure is what dictates the boot's specific riding attributes for each model. This allows the feel of any model to be achieved by dropping a new set of liners into any of the uppers built on this platform.

The Code 55, One, and Parks all come with asymmetrical support configurations. By shifting the rigid layers of the liner to the lateral (outside) of the boot, we have been able to gain more control over the ends of the board and improved mobility over the top of the board.

Code 55 Liner (Flex # 9) - Firm density liner drives the most energy from the rider into the deck. Responsiveness on rails and stability on big landings are enhanced with nylon injected support panel over the lateral ankle and lower leg. Instantaneous communication and the utmost control.

One Liner (Flex #8) - Medium density liner blends mobility and precision board control in a high top cut support. Perforated front end improves feel and comfort, while the non-perforated heel area promotes supportive response. Balanced performance behind the boat or at the park.

Parks Liner (Flex #6) - Soft density low ankle cut liner support offers the most board feel and flexibility. Perforation on heel and front end increase comfort and contact with the hardware. Mobility for your freeride.

Frank Liner (Flex #7) Wishbone back liner support delivers great fit and well-rounded board control. Perforated heel and front end make these some of the most comfortable boots we have ever made straight out of the box without the break-in period.